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Emma-Jane: hellllo!
Emma-Jane has left the room.

Nicole: that's worse than feces sag

Emma-Jane: He's the but.

Nicole: HELL
Nicole: We have a water ban!
Nicole: Something got in the water.
Morgan: Darn that Garby!

Morgan: Oh. Bonster is drunk.
Emma-Jane: the sky is blue

Julie: mmm, cookie drugs

Emma-Jane: I like merh0r colouring FYI

Bonster: having a Mo is better than having a Julie, though Julie did manage my pizza experience

Julie: I do chew, you know
Julie: they are no longer balls

Bonster: I am a ridiculous human being.
Morgan: I know.

Bonster: lololololo, i love yoru not best work
Bonster: this will be greata and fandataiosin cc
Bonster: fuck
Bonster: fantsstcia
Bonster: FUCK. fanstaice
Bonster: shit. fantastic

Julie: I think I ate part of that kleenex.

Morgan: Meaghan has gone curling.
Morgan: She's very Canadian.
Emma-Jane: not everyone is perfect

Nicole: I love watching them. It's almost a game going, "oh, they were in this drama together, and they were in this drama together!"
Nicole: It's like Canadian tv.

Morgan: Guess what?
Morgan: Texas asked God for a blizzard.
Morgan: Kidding
Morgan: God ignores Texas.

Julie: my underwear fell down inside my pants

Meaghan: everyone wants a serial killer for Christmas!
Meaghan: actually, I do want Dexter season 3 DVDs for Christmas.
Julie: LOL
Julie: it's a super season!
Meaghan: Christmas?
Julie: Dexter season 3
Julie: but also Christmas
Meaghan: OH
Meaghan: LOL

Julie: that wasn't supposed to be in all caps

Holly: i am english, i have a fine and upstanding accent!
Holly: it's true.
Holly: english people sound so much more truthful.
Holly: in comparison to say, the welsh.
Holly: their accents are much more suited to being surprised.

Meaghan: Anna has really bad taste though
Anna: Trufax.

Julie: when you think about it, the dog eating his heart is one of the less bad things that happens to him
Emma-Jane: I can so relate to that

Meaghan: Holly is a douche!
Holly: you canadian whore!

Morgan: My icon looks annoyed with your icon.
Julie: lol she does
Morgan: Like she's thinking, "Naive girl. You have no idea what's in store for you this year."
Julie: like, oh you stupid dreamy-eyed Haley, you don't know my pain

Morgan: I laughed at someone adding a Celine Dion fanlisting to upcoming at CG.
Morgan: Then I realized it wasn't a joke.
Bonster: and then realized it wasn't a joke?

Meaghan: it's like a clothing indiscretion, except it's her face

Bonster: these wieniers are really good!

Morgan: Like you might be able to fit her mouth and the hose but not much of the rest of her.
Anna: *snorts*
Morgan: Exactly.

Anna: I live in Minnesota and work in North Dakota. Heh.
Julie: she straddles them
Anna: I do. It feels good. I get really wet.
Anna: From the river.
Julie: you are a state slut
Meaghan: just stay out of South Dakota
Meaghan: you don't want that reputation
Anna: I really don't
Julie: South Dakota is a straight up hussy
Anna: Haa.
Anna: Night night.
Julie: Bye!
Meaghan: night!
Anna has left the room.
Meaghan: and now, strangely, iTunes is playing I've Been Everywhere.

Julie: I actually value Gussie more than Bonster

Julie: apostrophes!
Meaghan: ah
Meaghan: of course
Meaghan: our old foe
Meaghan: our archnemesisisisisisisis
Julie: curse them
Julie: we'll slash them to hell and back!
Meaghan: those bastards
Julie: there WILL be escape for them

Bonster: I should have called in 'gay'
Meaghan: Bonster.
Meaghan: Gay is not a disease.
Meaghan: try not to be so full of self-hatred

Morgan: I have chills.
Meaghan: (3:59:26 PM) are they multiplying?
Morgan: (3:59:27 PM) They are multiplying.
Morgan: But not in a good way.
Meaghan: awww
Anna: Hahah. Dude, I was gonna say that Meaghan.
Meaghan: lol
Meaghan: maybe you've got the summer flu
Meaghan: maybe you need some ... annabiotics
Meaghan: if only Holly were here to laugh at that

Holly: holy crap, I have 43 emails
Meaghan: they're all from Bonster
Holly: Most of it is dull

Meaghan: like the other day I went to buy Shreddies and I couldn't see them on the shelf
Meaghan: I stood there wondering why they didn't have Shreddies, and then I put my milk back because I didn't need milk without Shreddies.
Meaghan: and I turned around after that, and saw the Shreddies right there.
Meaghan: it was weird
Meaghan: I know
Meaghan: I couldn't understand it
Meaghan: although I had been drinking so perhaps that was it

Bonster: peeping chad would be a sanctuary

Bonster: Marly was so happy when I came home, she peed
Meaghan: that doesn't sound like something Mo would do

Bonster: Nathan has gone to Haley
Bonster: and Haley is not wearing her ring, Meaghan
Bonster: OH MY GOD
Bonster: she is saying 'i feel like maybe we rushed things'
Bonster: that...
Meaghan: it's not right, I know
Bonster: I'm really happy that you came??????
Meaghan: BOOOOOO!!!!!11
Meaghan: Haley can be a douche sometimes
Bonster: I have NEVER felt more betrayed lol

Julie: I was going to say "yeah, probably because the peanut butter needs to firm up again" and then my brain thought, "no, you can't type that because you'll spoil Bonster. she doesn't know the cookies have peanut butter in them."

Meaghan: Nathan does those untentionally douchey things sometimes but in this case he was a victim
Meaghan: a victim of his own hottness

Julie: getting into a shower with Nathan is not crazy, it is a good idea

Emma-Jane: OOOHH Harry Potter in three days
Emma-Jane: oh nakedness

Morgan: Do you know what?
Morgan: I love Simon Dam.
Morgan: Tam*
Morgan: DAMN!

Emma-Jane: damn

Morgan: The white folk destroyed the environment.

Bonster: i have a freaking border
Bonster: this is so much easier in psp LOL
Julie: oh my god
Julie: I read that as boner

Bonster: so after I duplicate and stroke, what do I do then?
Julie: shower

Holly: (filling out a crossword, with Morgan, E-J and Hoppy) Strong drink, 6 letters
Morgan: Coffee.
Holly: Coffee?
Holly: It has a Q
Morgan: Qoffee?
Everyone else: LMAO

Morgan: It was dirty but I love him enough to stick my hand in there.

Emma-Jane: OK WTH
Emma-Jane: Itunes just played Jonas Brothers
Julie: LOL
Meaghan: LOLOLOL
Julie: how is that possible
Emma-Jane: How do I even have JOnas Brothers in my itunes?
Julie: and why do you have it?
Emma-Jane: I have no ifggin idea
Julie: E-J, I don't even have Jonas Bros

Julie: but look on the bright side
Julie: at least childfree people aren't passing their idiot genes on to a new generation

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