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Julie: caveman don't wanna be anything other than caveman try to be lately

Meaghan: what's interesting is that I'm not wearing pants
Meaghan: my emotional wall is down

Julie: I love planet woobie
Julie: like earth, it is a blue planet

Julie: clasp your hands together, chant "PHOTOSHOP! PHOTOSHOP! PHOTOSHOP!" then reboot your computer 16 times. Tonight, turn it off and crumble some sage in a circle around it. Wear a sprig of lavendar around your neck to bed and chant again before you go to sleep. In the morning you will have Photoshop.

Meaghan: hooray for peas
Bonster: YAY!
Meaghan: not only are they delicious, they can cure my gimpy foot
Meaghan: peas are multitalented

Morgan: Why does David Schwimmer always such a pussy loser?
Morgan: play such*

Julie: also bonster is searching for $5 dick
Bonster: I'd like it cheaper, actually

Bonster: Dick was made for Coolie.

Bonster: i'm trying to figure out what I meant
Meaghan: good luck
Bonster: i know, right??

Meaghan: it would be funny if the OTH characters went to Sunnydale High.
Julie: lol
Bonster: hahhaha
Bonster: Brooke and Cordy, bffs or bitter rivals?
Meaghan: they'd hate each other
Julie: I agree
Bonster: Willow and Lucas would be buds
Meaghan: Haley and Willow would be pals
Bonster: but I don't know about him and Xan
Meaghan: Nathan would beat Xander up
Bonster: Buffy would punch Dan out
Meaghan: that would roxor
Meaghan: he'd turn out to be a demon
Julie: that thought makes me happy
Bonster: I like how we both moved from friendship to violence
Julie: this should be a fic
Julie: CMM would turn into a vampire and Spike would loathe him
Bonster: oh my god, he would
Bonster: so hard LOL
Bonster: Nathan and Angel would have to band together to fight shit
Bonster: reluctantly band together
Bonster: and Nathan would make some disparaging Vampire comment and say "It was a joke"
Julie: Angel would quip that he killed his father
Bonster: and Angel as Angelus later would totes torture him
Bonster: uh
Bonster: Angelus torturing Lucas is kind of hot
Bonster: wtf brain
Bonster: WTF
Julie: I could see Peyton joining the fight against vampires
Julie: she would like having a cause
Bonster: she would
Bonster: it would give her purpose
Bonster: i don't think she would like Giles' drawings though
Meaghan: either that or she'd be like those stupid people who wanted to become vampires
Julie: oh that is also possible
Bonster: damn
Bonster: she could go either way


Morgan: You're just going to have to sell Garby's body.
Holly: I don't think there's anything left to sell.

Meaghan: can you imagine cotwwsb living together as old ladies?
Meaghan: like the Golden Girls
Morgan: And one old man.
Meaghan: lol
Meaghan: oh yeah
Morgan: He'd of course be a creepy, aged lothario.
Meaghan: LOL
Meaghan: I would like to be like Dorothy when I'm an old lady.
Meaghan: Dorothy took crap from no one.
Morgan: I probably would too.
Meaghan: I imagine Bea Arthur was like that.
Morgan: Bonster would be Rose.
Meaghan: LOL yes
Meaghan: I think E-J is Blanche, but less slutty
Morgan: I was thinking the same thing.
Meaghan: LMABO
Morgan: Julie would be Sofia.
Meaghan: LMABO
Morgan: Picture it! Texas, 1996!
Meaghan: LOL yes
Morgan: So does this mean Julie is our mother?
Meaghan: um, yes, she is our mother
Meaghan: or she's wearing a lot of makeup

Meaghan: omg, the Flyers' anthem singer is absent!
Morgan: How did that happen?!
Morgan: They should have Boreanaz sing for them!
Morgan: If they hate America.

Brandon: Speaking of Mo, i think i'll clean up a bit!

Morgan: Also, I like Leia. I do think she's a good concept.

Emma-Jane: bye GArny!!
Emma-Jane: GARBY*
Emma-Jane: stupid typos
Brandon: Tahnks, bye!

Holly: I hate washing up cultery
Holly: cutlery
Emma-Jane: I am making toasy
Emma-Jane: toast
Emma-Jane: LMAO
Holly: I enjoy toash
Emma-Jane: we are good
Holly: toash
Emma-Jane: LMAO
Holly: TOAST
Emma-Jane: have you been drinking?
Holly: we are awesome
Holly: no!
Holly: I think we should quote that
Emma-Jane: lol
Holly: Our typing pwns all.
Emma-Jane: titally
Emma-Jane: OH CRAP
Emma-Jane: totally
Holly: LMAO
Holly: we are good

Morgan: It'll be done efficiently.
Meaghan: fucking Sweden?

Meaghan: fuck Sweden!
Bonster: that will also be quoted
Meaghan: lol
Meaghan: fuck Sweden though, seriously

Meaghan: my bottom half is all dressed

Anna: I didn't think COTWWSB came any smaller. *insert gross penis joke about Garby*

Meaghan: whnevr I see a gorilla I ant' herlp thinknig nits' a man in a groillw suit

Julie: I have been drunk all year

Bonster: i'm so crunk

Julie: pin the tail on the horse
Julie: you're the horse
Bonster: hahahahahahahahhaha
Bonster: inside your horse = whole new meaning

Brandon: i googled it and it said 10'' lol

Morgan: I only eat the very clean.

Meaghan: holy moly, there's a tour specifically dedicated to seeing grizzly bears
Holly: hopefully not a walking tour
Meaghan: no
Meaghan: it's a running tour

Morgan: She's driving to Texas.
Meaghan: food is cheaper there
Morgan: So are women.

Anna: Garby, probably.
Emma-Jane: he's a skank
Anna: No one would want that pansy on their teen.
Anna: LOL.
Anna: Oh god. I meant TEAM.

Brandon: Morgan, i just listened to your voicepost and i have to say, i think you could pull off a phone sex operator
Brandon: if you ever wanted to do that

Brandon: i dont want to look at vaginas all day

Emma-Jane: never sit butt naked on a chair

Nicole: I hate the idea of someone farting in public

Anna: I have a big genital wart on my cock.

Meaghan: I can't believe fucking Peter Pan wants to steal Matt Saracen's job!

Morgan: Here's what we should do.
Morgan: Buy a house in Alaska, it's not that expensive there, start a professional hockey team.
Meaghan: does this end with one of us becoming governor?
Morgan: Run for public office rising in the ranks until we reach the position of Governor.
Meaghan: LOL
Holly: LOL
Morgan: And then using our experience in foreign affairs due to being able to see Russia from our front lawn, run for President!
Meaghan: YES
Meaghan: and make Tony Romo our running mate

Brandon: I'm not a pothead, I only smoke like twice a year!
Brandon: i wish i was one though

Brandon: i drank like 7 beers and then decided to do 6 chocolate cake shots in 20 minutes they tasted SO GOOD, they were addicting
Emma-Jane: shots are evil
Brandon: they tasted exactly like chocolate cake
Emma-Jane: they totally turn the lights out for me, so I don't do them anymore
Brandon: and then about 10 minutes later my head was a in a bucket

Morgan: Maybe it's jellied after birth left over after a infant was eaten.

Meaghan: there's a commercial for tacos
Meaghan: it makes me sad
Meaghan: because I remember yours breaking
Morgan: Because mine broke?
Meaghan: yes
Morgan: Aww, thank you!
Morgan: That means a lot.
Meaghan: you're welcome
Morgan: Anna, my tacos broke while eating my dinner today :(
Anna: Oh no!
Anna: I will refrain from making a dirty comment!

Emma-Jane: well, I have a european keyboard and no euro sign
Emma-Jane: which is just stoopid
Holly: LOL
Emma-Jane: OH YES I DO DOH
Holly: That is dumb.
Morgan: That is stupid.
Emma-Jane: Ta-DAH
Morgan: Oh, E-J.
Emma-Jane: twas hidden
Holly: *pats*

Morgan: They think Girl!Marat can win.
Holly: The match or the whore tournament?

Meaghan: Obama was just Biden his time till he thought of a good VP candidate.

Emma-Jane: LOL this girl is called Brie
Morgan: How cheesy.

Brandon: what did she give you?
Morgan: Herpes
Emma-Jane: and I already had herpes

Bonster: It was like broccoli and cauliflower exploding.

Holly: Also then it could go on your eyepod.
Holly: *iPod
Morgan: I can't believe you just spelled it eyepod.
Holly: Neither can I.
Holly: That might be the stupidest thing I have done

Holly: Garby quotes are either drunken or perverted.
Holly: I think they sum up his personality well!

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