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Holly: I might flush some pickles.

Holly: 1/4 of the zie it would look so ni
Holly: different
Holly: omg my typing has gone
Emma-Jane: LOL
Emma-Jane: *oats Holly*
Emma-Jane: DAMN

Holly: I've picked up Mo's drinking problem

Morgan: Just like with a bear attack, you never know when a woman could go into labor.

Julie: speak of the Devil
Bonster: Mo is not the Devil
Bonster: and I think she would be offended
Bonster: LMAO
Julie: LOL I was just thinking that
Julie: when Mo arrives after we are talking about her we will say "speak of the very clean angel" instead
Bonster: LOL
Bonster: Yes

Bonster: You know what? I think I had a crush on Maid Marion in Disney's Robin Hood.
Morgan: She's a fox.
Morgan: LOL

Bonster: I will cut off her pokey nipples.

Brandon: BACK
Chelsea: WEEB H0R

Bonster: Hi Samuel L. Jackson!
Bonster: I bet he's tired of motherfucking Anakin Skywalker being on the motherfucking Dark Side.

Meaghan: ass makes everything funnier
Bonster: assMeaghan
Meaghan: clowns. Not funny. Hats. Not necessarily funny.
Meaghan: add ass, funny
Meaghan: LOL assBonster

Nicole: I wasn't drunk!
Nicole: I just drank a lot.

Nicole: I could walk fine, no slur
Nicole: I can spell

Holly: Skull is a weird word.

Bonster: Heater is cute, but not the way Spezza is at all
Bonster: he's adorable
Bonster: also, show her the one of him in the suit
Meaghan: okay
Meaghan: oh yes
Meaghan: should I start with Spezza or Heatzza?
Bonster: Heatzza
Meaghan: ok
Bonster: then go for the kill with the Spezza
Meaghan: Spezza looks like a model sometimes
Meaghan: Heater does not
Meaghan: but I personally think Heater is hotter. hahahaha
Bonster: Oh Meaghan
Morgan: Har har
Bonster: *shakes head*
Meaghan: lol
Morgan: I approve of that joke.
Meaghan: me too
Bonster: does he... set you aflame?
Meaghan: oh he does
Meaghan: I just found a picture of him with Brent Burns
Meaghan: now that's hott
Bonster: *ded*

Morgan: Aww. Holly is not here and I found a picture of Gwen watching a match between Mardy and Roger. She looks like she finds the match questionable.
Meaghan: it comes with hockey hair and a mouth missing a tooth!

Morgan: Jesus got an O in Transfiguration.

Meaghan: u r stupid
Bonster: takes 1 to no 0ne
Meaghan: wutevarrr
Meaghan: u h0r
Meaghan: 80n5tr, u sux0rs m0ar then ne1 I n0
Bonster: lamez0r |3!TCh
Meaghan: <^> o_0 <^>
Meaghan: kthxbai
Bonster: /\/\0R0|\|
Meaghan: @55h07
Bonster: u \/\/I|\|
Meaghan: b cuz I m awsum
Bonster: \/\/0R|)
Meaghan: I m 5upr 1337

Meaghan: sux 2 be u... sa

Meaghan: Peter is my face

Holly: I guess Canada is the best country to come from, really.

Holly: i have to brb though
Meaghan: ok
Holly: don't go anywhere!
Meaghan: ok
(Meaghan, who is watching hockey, is alone in the room.)
Meaghan: Hat trick for Eric Staal
Meaghan: that's #4 for Staal
Meaghan: the one-handed sweeper! That's how I always score.
Holly has left the room.
Holly has entered the room.
Holly: My internet kicked me off!
Meaghan: weeeeeeeb
Meaghan: you missed like 5 goals

Emma-Jane: it makes me sad that prince william is getting uglier and uglier

Bonster: I love you, Meagharoo.
Meaghan: and I love you, Bonster
Meaghan: I also love E-J
Emma-Jane has left the room.

Holly: Bonster's mom is a whore.

Holly: I have no idea what you are talking about, but I am sure you know that.
Morgan: See that's funny because I know exactly what you're talking about.

Morgan: Well the armor could have color.
Holly: no, the armour could have colour

Bonster: what's Garby's e-mail?
Anna: (6:16:35 PM):
Nicole: (6:16:38 PM):

Bonster: I read vienna as vagina
Anna: As you should.

Anna: I have no cash, so you are barkin' up the wrong vagina.

Morgan: Well now I think she's going to toss herself down some stairs so she can not be pregnant anymore.
Bonster: Gene has some issues in that movie, eh Mo?
Morgan: Like whoa.
Bonster: why doesn't she just give birth, then eat the baby?
Bonster: sensible option

Holly: My ass really hurts.

Morgan: Jude is such a pussy in this movie.

OnlineHost: Julie has left the room.
Morgan: How dare she.
Holly: the rudeness.
Morgan: Maybe she and Garby have gone to look at porn together.

Nicole: Dumb people should be banned from polls

Brandon: Too bad polar bears couldn't suffer from dwarfism or I'd totally get one for a pet

Julie: ooh, a Jonas Brothers post

Kathi: One day our senility will rule the world.
Bonster: lol yes
Morgan: It just won't realize it

Emma-Jane: I think it would be fun to have a penis

Emma-Jane: Bonster, I don't have a penis

Bonster: I sound like a clown horn or a donkee
Bonster: donkey

Brandon: Thats ok, i told them how you have an obnormally hairy butt yesterday
Chelsea: obnormally?
Morgan: Obnormally?

Brandon: Eff Gwen! and EFF THE SENS!
Meaghan: EFF YOU
Julie: I'm making a note of that
Meaghan: lol
Meaghan: -10 for Garby
Julie: and I will tell Mo to boot you on sight next time she has the power
Brandon: LOL <^>
Meaghan: lol excellent
Brandon: you have no proof
Julie: I'm going to quote this so she will know!
Julie: muahahaha!

Bonster: if I were rich, I'd fund both NASA and more space movies

Julie: I am on drugs, ok

Julie: the magnitude of Bonster's sux0ring is the only thing keeping the Earth from being pulled into a swirling black vortex at this very moment

Julie: I will threaten them
Julie: with my mind
Meaghan: I will hit them over the head
Meaghan: with my frying pan

Meaghan: Henry enjoys sticking his head out the car window
Morgan: So does Gussie.
Julie: I also enjoy sticking my head out the car window

Morgan: I am MoRoMotheNoHo

Brandon: tooo drun k to tell not selll
Meaghan: sell waht?
Brandon: i'm not are whorwe
Brandon: mybody

Meaghan: sghe manet Pacifist time

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