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Brandon: are faginas cover by incurs?

Brandon: what would u do if ur vageenf ell of?
Bonster: lol
Brandon: would u cryz

Meaghan: drubnk ypying is yhard


Julie: wow
Julie: look at this carrot
Meaghan: LOL
Meaghan: that is gfuckie up
Brandon: whoooa
Brandon: is thata carrot cock???
Meaghan: tis th arrot cock
Brandon: :X
Meaghan: hat is fudistrunb
Brandon: fudsismrer!

Brandon: i remember 1998 ilike it wss tomorrow llol

Brandon: BONSTER!!! do you knowwhat would be so fun right nwo?
Brandon: POT!!!
Brandon: omg
Julie: lol the pop
Meaghan: LOL
Bonster: dude
Bonster: yes
Meaghan: lOL tre pop

Meaghan: vwauce rhat all you can do
Bonster: LOL
Meaghan: whwen afce wih idiocy of this magnitude

Brandon: why
Bonster: YOU h)R!!@!!!!
Meaghan: oh mn
Julie: WEEB!
Brandon: meaganthan!!!!
Bonster: MEAGHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandon: weeeeeeeeeeb
Morgan: Weeb!
Morgan: LOL
Bonster: lol
Meaghan: *(H*SG*

Bonster: I'm drunk!!!!!!!!!
Bonster: not nectessarlyiyly d5unk though

Meaghan: I doulf jsbr vjovolsyr

Meaghan: wea re so weh
Brandon: WEH!!!
Brandon: hahahahhaah
Meaghan: iysd sromdr
Meaghan: lol
Brandon: tes
Brandon: like whe
Brandon: eweh
Meaghan: lmabo

Brandon: i just had my mom help me open a beeer HAHHAHAHA
Bonster: hahahah Gargby
Brandon: she had to show me how to use our can opener

Meaghan: HATBO!
Anna: Oh god.
Bonster: GARBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meaghan: WHOOPS
Meaghan: I MEAN GARBY!
Morgan: Hey Barby :-)
Brandon: HAPPPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bonster: PLEASE bE DRUNK TOo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandon: i'm so drunk thanks

Bonster: I nudged you on Scrabulous!
Bonster: Cause hey, you nudged me!
Bonster: H0r!
Julie: I nudged your mom

Bonster: That cow freaks me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meaghan: l ol
Meaghan: Bonste is drunk and freakd out
Meaghan: don't show he the cotw
Bonster: it's cqa4rye!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meaghan: I don't kno hat
Bonster: wscarey
Bonster: scary
Bonster: there
Meaghan: 0ookj
Meaghan: now I get us
Bonster: LOL
Bonster: Y3W
Bonster: G3DQUW3 UW 2QS WQYIT I5
Meaghan: awoems
Bonster: OH SHI
Bonster: T
Meaghan: lol
Julie: Bonster
Meaghan: oyur finges on the wreon keys
Bonster: i MEANT
Bonster: lol
Julie: u r insane
Bonster: LOLOLOL
Meaghan: whateg
Bonster: I is!

Meaghan: hey the corchgoitn calendar says Get drnil fpr tpday
Meaghan: Bpmster amd I did that
Meaghan: oh itsa yts ge shit sdrunk

Julie: I spend my whole day dealing with drunkards
Julie: I can handle this
Bonster: I fqr qupars s you now!!!!!!!!
Meaghan: a[[ay cetra; to,e mew ypear1

Meaghan: you guys are aesome
Meaghan: awesome
Bonster: man
Meaghan: Bosner
Bonster: I can't wait to see this stuff sober
Meaghan: when we get p tomorrw are we goni to be like wtf
Bonster: it's giong to be AWESOME
Bonster: yes
Morgan: If you're going to typo her name, call her Boner.

Bonster: my winamp is playing Rhinestone Cowboy
Meaghan: lol
Bonster: I thin that says aenough about me

Meaghan: I was so confusex
Meaghan: buahahahahahahaha
Bonster: hghahhahahahhahahaha
Bonster: confusex
Bonster: ftw
Morgan: Confusex LOL
Meaghan: lmbo

Bonster: that first time I Got sick?
Bonster: I drank whiskey. and pina colad amix. In a mug.
Bonster: wtf
Meaghan: lol
Bonster: so far gone was I
Anna: Gross.
Meaghan: that no god
Bonster: yeah
Bonster: probably part of the reason I got sick and fell down the stairs

Meaghan: go bvokda
Bonster: vodka PWNS

Bonster: opj man
Bonster: cannot stop laughing
Meaghan: LOL
Meaghan: no
Meaghan: it bad
Meaghan: this i sfuny
Meaghan: we shiykd do this sometimes more oftre
Meaghan: dan
Meaghan: damn

Bonster: mmm celery
Bonster: ,e l;ike
Bonster: Meaghan!
Meaghan: yes
Bonster: I can't interpret! :lol. bw3e ,issyou!

Bonster: HI NNA!!!!!!!!!!
Meaghan: hey NNA
Meaghan: KLMAO
Anna: Fear me, for I am sober.
Anna: Wow.
Bonster: we ade the same toiypo!
Meaghan: he4s
Meaghan: that roxors

Meaghan: its' only 9pm
Morgan: Meaghan. It's 7.
Meaghan: no!
Morgan: You aren't in Ottawa.
Meaghan: is it?!
Bonster: it's 7pm where you are
Meaghan: oh this computer is onREgina time

Morgan: You guys are making Holly looking like a typing genius.
Meaghan: buahaha
Bonster: auin't we just?
Holly: OI am sure that is the first time anyone has said tat about me
Holly: i am a typing geniois!

Morgan: You're leaving me with drunkards.
Meaghan: LOL
Bonster: BUHGT!!!!
Bonster: NIHGHT!!!!!!!!!
Meaghan: that was awesome
Bonster: I LOVE YOU GOLLy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma-Jane: I can't remember
Emma-Jane: me tired
Morgan: And drunk.
Emma-Jane: and drenched in hampagne
Emma-Jane: champagne even

Nicole: I'm sweet like sugar, soft like suede. But unlike a piano.. I never get played.

Nicole: Well it is time for bed. Goaat be up in 6 hours
Meaghan: night Nicole! *hugs*
Meaghan: sleep well!
Julie: ugh, me too! But I'm staying a little longer
Nicole: *hugs* night all!!
Julie: Night Nicole!
Anna: Night Scooter!
Julie: it's funny to think that you have to go to bed because a goat will be up in 6 hours
Julie: and you have to get up then too, to feed the goat
Meaghan: and the best part is that the goat is actually Frank, the LJ goat.
Nicole: it's a very demanding goat
Julie: and that you have poor grammar and would say "goat be up in 6 hours"
Nicole: freak
Julie: actually, you know what crashed Firefox?
Meaghan: the goat?
Morgan: Garby

Bonster: I love playing around with my queue
Emma-Jane: You know Bonster in french queue means a very private part of male anatomy

Meaghan: Hab is not a word?!
Meaghan: a Hab is a player for the Montreal Canadiens.
Bonster: it's also short for habitat
Holly: Well that's because it's a proper noun.
Meaghan: that's almost where they got it from
Meaghan: except habitants
Bonster: click on the 'please add this word' lol
Bonster: and see what 'hab'pens

Julie: that cow is so happy
Meaghan: it's on a mind-altering substance
Meaghan: for sure
Julie: crystal mooth
Meaghan: ohhh
Bonster: that is mad creepy
Meaghan: cowcaine?
Julie: that too
Bonster: *shakes head*
Bonster: Meaghan is on a roll today with da puns.
Meaghan: :D
Meaghan: I'm punnderful.
Julie: it injected something into its boveins
Bonster: Yes, you're quite punny.
Julie: I think I'm out of cow drug puns
Meaghan: awww
Julie: maybe it wasn't on hard drugs
Julie: maybe it just had too much calffeine
Meaghan: it was on moorijuana
Bonster: oh my god

Bonster: I smell something distinctly Texas like about you.
Julie: and it smells good

Morgan: I imagine that'll come in handy, I imagine.
Meaghan: but do you imagine it?
Morgan: I really imagine it a lot.

Holly: I almost took the groin and decided against it.
Holly: So I am eating his head.

Bonster: Bonster has a nice aroma.
Anna: Only when her legs are closed.

Holly: I outweeb you all.
Bonster: I h8 u
Anna: Yeah, well, Bonster and I out awesome you.
Holly: u sux

Julie: I blame Bonster
Morgan: You should.
Bonster: LOL
Bonster: I didn't do nuffin
Bonster: except eat beef jerky
Julie: your name is the color of pee
Bonster: DAMMIT
Morgan: BWAH
Julie: that's right
Julie: I went there
Morgan: I was hoping for mermaid and lemons.
Julie: I already destroyed them
Bonster: LOL
Morgan: All to the tune of Michael Bolton.
Bonster: STOLEN Michael Bolton

Bonster: oh dear god
Bonster: feces

Morgan: I have decided that pirates began the problems of global warming by throwing everything they could think of into the sea.
Morgan: Those bastards

Julie: you are salmon
Julie: that sounds deep
Julie: no pun intended

Julie: speak 2 me
Bonster: lol
Julie: you bastard

Morgan: I'm watching Bones.
Morgan: The Truth in the Lye was honestly the worst one they have ever done.
Morgan: The guy in the bathtub.
Morgan: Yigh.
Julie: that was SO GROSS
Julie: probably the grossest thing I've ever seen on TV
Nicole: Have you SEEN David Caruso?

Julie: I think it's funny, too, because if any place has a problem with stolen grocery carts being strewn all over the place it's southern California
Morgan: Hey, look, intestines.

Holly: I cannot spell today.
Holly: That's probably obvious from that sentanence

Chelsea: Bonster and I are going to the Hannah Montana concert
Bonster: LMAO
Bonster: I mean, yes.
Bonster: I'm so excited.
Bonster: Feel my utter and complete anticipation.
Morgan: Bonster only agreed in hopes of seeing Billy Ray Cyrus.

Bonster: why are all the boy whores in Canada, Mo?
Morgan: You should ask Meaghan, I'm sure she knows.

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