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Anna: Okay, seriously, I must be getting scurvy.

Morgan: Pants

Morgan: We are find of you in spite of your bad spelling.
Bonster: as we are find of you
Emma-Jane: LMAO
Morgan: fond*
Morgan: Dammit.

Bonster: My polka dots bring the girls to the yard!
Morgan: Not this one!
Bonster: bwaaaaah
Morgan: Your polka dots are the exact opposite of a tractor beam of hotness!

Meaghan: one of the questions on this meme is "character you'd shag in a heartbeat"
Bonster: there are too many :(

Emma-Jane: Oh Lucius, you could so be coverboy for L'Oreal
Bonster: LOL
Emma-Jane: well he could
Emma-Jane: he's worth it

Meaghan: (5:17:26) I just spilled water all over myself.
Emma-Jane: DOH Meaghan
Bonster: LOL Meagharoo
Meaghan: (5:18:04) I totally forgot that I just typed that and then I was like "why are they dohing and loling?"
Meaghan: *headdesk*
Emma-Jane: LOL
Emma-Jane: *pats*
Meaghan: (5:18:20 PM) apparently I'm senile now.
Emma-Jane: (5:18:21 PM) Old age is making you forget things
Bonster: Bwaaaaah

Julie: B = bastard O = ogre N = nincompoop S = stupid T = troublesome E = evil R = raging alcoholic

Emma-Jane :O I am missing crotches!

Bonster: we're in the freaking Elizabethan era.
Bonster: I guess there are worse places to be.
Bonster: Or not to be.

Bonster: It's like giving away my meat.

Emma-Jane: (at 19.52.13): *wantsł
Holly: (at 19.52.14)8wants*
Emma-Jane: LOL
Emma-Jane: BRAIN
Holly: LOL
Emma-Jane: (at 19.52.58) even typo brain
Holly: (at 19.52.59) Brain with bad sleiing.
Holly: spelling

Brandon: Now we can talk about Julie in here behind her back
Holly: LOL no we can't Garby.
Julie: I am in here, dumbass!
Brandon: She's a h0r

Brandon: ok, I'm gonna go and get ready to go out!
Brandon: Talk to you guys later!
Chelsea: Bye weirdo
Julie: Have fun and try not to be murdered!
OnlineHost: Brandon has left the room.
Julie: If he was murdered, we'd have to delete his stuff from Crotchgroin, and that would be hard work.

Holly: Whatever Bonste'rs it, it should have dancing pickles.
Emma-Jane: that kinda sounds like genitalia

Morgan: There could be a spell called Morganmordre and when you use it, a bar of soap shines in the night sky.
Morgan: And when you see the soap above the house, you know someone has just showered.

Brandon: Gosh i'm so tired tonight
Brandon: and my ass hurts

Bonster: You flushed a pickle down the toilet.
Julie: WHAT?
Bonster: you don't remember that?
Julie: NO!

Morgan: I wonder if Bonster will come chat again today.
Meaghan: no because I ate her
Morgan: You're on quite a strict Bonster diet, it seems.
Meaghan: yes
Meaghan: once you've eaten Bonster, you never go back.
Holly: That's how Bonster feels about babies.

Anna: Maybe if we didn't have such a confusing name...
Morgan: Well, we could change it to Chicken Butt.
Meaghan: ooh
Bonster: No.
Anna: Hah.
Bonster: I don't like the word Butt, really.
Meaghan: BUTT
Bonster: And chickens are stupid.
Morgan: Chicken Posterior
Meaghan: Chicken Rump
Bonster: LOL
Morgan: Cock Ass
Meaghan: oh dear

Bonster: I like 3 penises.

Bonster: cotwwsb is a shining pillar of awesome

Julie: clearly I am the glue that holds crotchgroin together

Morgan: You know what?
Morgan: (4:39:44 PM) No, Meaghan.
Emma-Jane: (4:39:44 PM) CHICKEN BUTT

Bonster: why isn't someone in cotwwsb a stripper?

Meaghan: at least I can still say chicken butt.

Julie: It seems to me that most law firms include at least one Bilbo

Emma-Jane: lam
Emma-Jane: lema
Emma-Jane: lame
Emma-Jane: damn

Brandon: I use windex to clean my balls!

Julie: you want to pwn the solar system
Bonster: I do

Julie: I have a general glow of awesomeness.

Brandon: Hey Cooch
Brandon: I just got off!

Emma-Jane: back bitches
Holly: (at 18:38:02)weeeb h0r!
Meaghan: (at18:38:02) weeeeeeeb h0r

Brandon: I really wish my porn would finish downloading!

Julie: Bonster.
Morgan: You're Bonster.
Bonster: I'm Bonster.
Brandon: I'm Bonster too.
Brandon: And Bonster's mom
Bonster: lol
Morgan: I'm Bonster.
Morgan: And the best Bonster impersonator you will find.
Bonster: Indeed.
Chelsea: I'm Bonster's bladder

Julie: she even put an apology in her Julie

Chelsea: Seriously, there are too many bitches :p
Bonster: there really are
Meaghan: it is true

Holly: Maybe this font.
Holly: no, this is a Garby font.
Holly: I feel I should be saying something mildy innapropirate.

Morgan: I enjoy the crotchgroin newness portal.
Holly: ME TOO?
Holly: That wasn't meant to be in caps.
Holly: or have a quesiton mark.

Bonster: yay! I got a disease!

Meaghan: I'm pregnant! *jazz hands*
(note: Meaghan is not really pregnant. Nor necessarily sparkly.)

Julie: I wish I was a really badass pianist
Bonster: I do too
Bonster: Just so I could say I know a badass pianist, and say it all fast, and so it would be badass penis.

Bonster: I've got big balls!

Nicole: I wish I had telekinesis. I'd use my powers to get my jar of pickles from the fridge.

Chelsea: Slap that bitch
Chelsea: Hey folks

Bonster: I like balls better.
Bonster: Penis is somehow more unseemly to me.

Meaghan: Nicole, I want to tell you something.
Meaghan: With great power comes great responsibility.
Nicole: Thank you. That will stay with me always.

Julie: Maybe she has developed an addiction to gambling, or is too busy working on

Bonster: so really, Scooter, I helped you
Bonster: even if you have the stain of Caruso upon you, now
Bonster: and ewwww
Bonster: that just sounds disgusting

Brandon: I'm a mother
Emma-Jane: fucker

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