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Bonster: you guys all have deep and meaningful names!
Bonster: I'm a monkey crossing a bridge wtf!

Nicole: I feel bad for Jessica Simpsons boobs.
Nicole: I have no follow up to that. I just feel bad for them.

Holly: I like my pantsless Nicole.

Emma-Jane: We are crazy, you know that right!
Nicole: Well, duh!

Emma-Jane: That show doesn't appeal to me at all
Holly: Me either.
Emma-Jane: (00:02:03) I mean just the name
Holly: (00:02:04) Just the name doesn't.

Meaghan: if I could go to Middle Earth and kill all the elves, I would do it.

Holly: So he can be gay, but also be manly and like hockey.
Meaghan: well yes
Holly: manly
Holly: no, wait
Holly: that's how I spelt it
Holly: never mind.
Meaghan: *shakes head*
Holly: I'm too used to typoding.
Holly: Doh.

Julie: people must think we are all tarable spellers

Brandon: ijust tireid reading the journal of cotton and itmake sno sense to me
Julie: you are the best drunk typist ever
Brandon: at all
Julie: who is cotton?
Brandon: us
Brandon: wea re cottwn
Julie: lmabo
Julie: cotton
Brandon: why isthe girl from the ajmaes bond move with spidy in this pic
Brandon: Q!
Bonster: LOLOL
Bonster: cotton
Bonster: oh god
Julie: That's Aunt May, doofus!
Brandon: ddue that's q
Bonster: that is not Judi Dench
Brandon: dont fck wit me
Julie: it's not her
Brandon: not funny
Brandon: thats not atunt may!
Bonster: and it's M, fool
Brandon: M!
Julie: it's Rosemary Harris
Brandon: ohlooks like Q to me
Brandon: who the hellnames their childaf rter a damn letter anyway

Emma-Jane: Yeah, I'm way past that. Now I'm just desperate drunk, waiting for a sloppy shag

Brandon: My crotch burns, I hope I didn't catch anything!

Nicole: There! I think I've taught you not to rebuff my wiener innuendo.

Brandon: Yo
Meaghan: hey Garboo
E-J: hello Baby
E-J: Barby even

Morgan: 250 people are using my Superman Returns skin.
Bonster: there are 500 dolphins on my tv screen


Bonster: I wanted to say asshole, but dick is what came out. And it fit so much better.

Brandon: i wasn't about to pay a bitch to give me a lap dance.
Brandon: They are supposed to pay me

Brandon: I can never get those because i always already have all the sex, damn it.

Brandon: Yes, I hang out with a bunch of guys who have carrot shaped penises.

Bonster: I want Ben Franklin!!

Bonster: CCH Pounder owns j00.
Julie: see, she has always irritated me because I didn't realize her name was initials
Bonster: you fool!
Julie: I thought it was some insane name and I wondered for like, years, how to pronounce it
Bonster: I would get her name confused with Chi McBride's back in the day
Julie: I was like, buy a vowel you asshole!

Julie: I yearn to become Betty White

Bonster: I'm the worst dyke ever. Sigh.

Julie: so if Wes propositioned you, you'd be like, um, no, and then he'd whip out some guns and you'd be all over it
Bonster: Yes.

Chelsea: What is dildo under?
Chelsea: Dido*!

Emma-Jane: Well if you guys don't mind it being gross for 30 min with I fiddle with the crotchgroin, I'll start now

Nicole: Bonster likes sodomy.

Holly: It's ridiculkousy.
Holly: ridiculous

Bonster: Mo is so awesome.

Julie: how dare you upload a picture featuring partial nudity to!

Morgan: What an ubrupt ending.
Brandon: Abrupt*
Morgan: That too.
Brandon: Sorry, I had to since you are always correcting me! :D
Meaghan: LOL
Meaghan: that was the one time Garby got to correct someone
Meaghan: good job, Garby
Holly: LOL
Chelsea: and it was because I pointed it out

Julie: pot and pepperoni makes me think of potpourri.

Bonster: Firefox is updating. La la la.
Bonster: I am always like, a week or three late with that.
Bonster: Because I'm lik 'RAAAA! LATER!!!!'
Bonster: you know, one could pronounce that lycraaaaa later!
Bonster: I think the pepperoni damaged my brain.

Bonster: shanzu would be appropriate
Bonster: LMAO
Bonster: I thought it looked weird
Bonster: lolol
Bonster: whioch would be great!
Bonster: oh my god
Julie: lmao confunse
Bonster: we are Holly & Emma-Jane

Morgan: Oh it was gross.
Meaghan: yes
Julie: as gross as the man soup?
Meaghan: perhaps not
Morgan: No.
Morgan: But close.
Meaghan: it was close
Meaghan: pretty damn revolting
Julie: the liquid man was possibly the grossest thing I've ever seen on TV
Meaghan: yeah, that was really bad
Julie: and I've seen every episode of CSI
Julie: and it gets really gross sometimes
Julie: stomach contents always make me sick
Meaghan: The X-Files could be gross
Julie: at least with Bones, the people are usually quite decayed
Julie: I can handle bones
Meaghan: there was one episode where all these people had this disease that spread through exploding pustules
Julie: eww
Morgan: Lovely.
Meaghan: they had these giant like pulsating boils full of pus.
Julie: ugh
Meaghan: it was really horrid
Meaghan: and yet I quite like that episode.
Julie: ok, well, now I will go make dinner. LOL

Nicole: I love our quotes
Meaghan: lol
Nicole: we're 1 away from 400
Julie: wow
Julie: (10:45:17 PM) someone say something witty!
Nicole: (10:45:18 PM) Quick, someone say somethng witty.

Nicole: Charlotte Church is preggers.
Julie: that's really sad
Julie: not about Charlotte. I don't really care about her.
Julie: lol
Nicole: Who does really?
Nicole: It's like caring about David Caruso

Morgan: Timberlake had to bring sexy back because sexy saw Barby and ran away.

Julie: the crunk is dead.

Brandon: I cream my panties everyday

Bonster: Garby, with that, you fit the definition of American Idiot. mwahahahah.

Nicole: Dear Lord, I'm a crackhead with no pants.

Brandon: This laptop is nice. It keeps my crotch warm.

Holly: I don't think Meaghan's old. She's just boring ;)
Meaghan: hey

Morgan: Plus, we have Garby if someone decides that they want to have easy one night stands.

Bonster: I wear bras in public!
Bonster: Mostly

Morgan: Bonster and Olaf are strikingly similar.
E-J: lol
E-J: they are?
Morgan: Baby eating.
Morgan: Hairy legs.

Emma-Jane: I was prescribed some stronger painkillers for my headaches yesterday cotwwsbnd they seem to be working

Anna: I wouldn't know what to do with a penis in my mouth.
Brandon: Just pretend like it's a tootsie pop, you just keep sucking until you reach the gooey center.

Brandon: And I'm a hyper, horny girl loon too! Jealous?

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