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Morgan: I don't feel good.
Anna: All the garby?

Meaghan: let's all lol
Brandon: ok
Holly: yes
Meaghan: lol
Holly: lol
Brandon: lol
Anna: *jumps around* I want my tattoo noooow,
Morgan: lol
Nicole: at Brandon?
Meaghan: just lol
Holly: This is so ridiculous.
Morgan: Duh
Nicole: ok! lol!
Brandon: Anna fucked it up!
Brandon: we have to do it all at the same time
Meaghan: okay, we'll start again
Meaghan: everyone on 3
Meaghan: 1
Meaghan: 2
Meaghan: 3
Morgan: lol
Meaghan: lol
Nicole: lol
Brandon: lol
Anna: lol
Holly: lol
Julie: lol
Meaghan: *claps*
Anna: We are gods!

Emma-Jane: It says 03 buy you eyes make it 30
Emma-Jane: merci!
Meaghan: I will buy you eyes if you want.
Emma-Jane: LOL
Julie: I'm creeped out

Bonster: You are not quiet!
Bonster: I bet!
Bonster: did that come out sounding weirdly dirty to anyone else?

Emma-Jane: I kinda want to build a Buffyverse /Jossverse fl directory/button exchange thingy
Holly: But only for roxoring fanlistings.
Holly: That would be neat. Like Coolie used to run.
Emma-Jane: Yup
Bonster: Do it!
Emma-Jane: I was really sad when she closed it
Emma-Jane: I think I bugged her for a while to make reopen it but she wouldn't LOL
Emma-Jane: But that's a good idea Coolie, to make it somewhat elite
Holly: It would be neat.
Emma-Jane: just for the really cool ones
Holly: I'm H-O-L-L-Y :p
Emma-Jane: LOL
Emma-Jane: Sorry
Anna: *snickers*
Holly: How much have you had to drink?
Emma-Jane: I was thinking Holly
Emma-Jane: but didn't type it

Julie: they don't call me the Hobo Terminator for nothing

Meaghan: imagine if Spidey went out without pants
Morgan: He'd make an entirely different kind of spectacle all while bringing a new meaning to well hung.

Julie: you should play the cotwwsb drinking game. unless you want to continue living

Brandon: Let me google obscure cheese

Anna: Sex scenes with Treat Williams are definitely not a treat.

Julie: your collective is
Julie: memberous
Julie: having large members
Bonster: hahaha
Julie: I mean large amounts of
Bonster: uh huh
Julie: I have no idea if they are physically large

Julie: Wes with Guns? HOTTTT <-- 4 Ts
Bonster: SO CLOSE to ungaying for him when he's like that
Bonster: SO CLOSE

Julie: I would never give that stupid biotch anything
Julie: but a kick in the face

Julie: I'm like the net pope

Brandon: Procrastination is like masturbation. At first it feels good, but in the end you're only screwing yourself.

Brandon: Gosh, I never really realized how perverted I was! All of my quotes are about buttholes, vaginas, boobs, dick, peginas, and weed.

Brandon: It's not my fault that you got me addicted to peen!

Bonster: funny, as guess what I'm eating RIGHT NOW?
Julie: Babies?
Bonster: LOL
Bonster: I wish

Brandon: My vagina itches.

Morgan: Joss is spiketacular!
Holly: And infredible!
Morgan: And injayneous!
Holly: And gunnderful!
Morgan: Not tarable!
Holly: Not in any way.
Holly: He is all around awesome and neato.
Morgan: Did you just say "neato?"
Holly: Yes
Holly: I had an urge.

Bonster: I love me

Julie: let me fiddle with THE CROTCHGROIN
Julie: ewwwww

Bonster: mmmm
Bonster: ampersands are hottt

Brandon: Bye!
Bonster: bye!
Julie: Bye Barby!
Brandon: Just kidding, i just wanted to see who would say bye to me to make me feel better about myself.

Brandon: Does anyone know the surface area and volume of the troposphere off the top of their head?

Bonster: you are a h0r
Bonster: but a lovable one
Julie: takes one to know one
Bonster: LOL
Bonster: *snooooooooooooooooooooogles*
Julie: I typed that before you wrote the bit about being lovable

Emma-Jane: thank you Spidey
Meaghan: you're welcome

Julie: brb, going to switch pantaloons

Brandon: I feel like a pregnant woman

Brandon: Everyone just wants me for my sex.
Brandon: It's on a lot of people's wish list.
Brandon: I don't blame them.

Anna: GTD. Garby Transmitted Disease.

Morgan: Garby's activities often include neon balls.

Julie: still, there is nothing worse than a dumb person asking for help

Brandon: CMM is cooler than Mo, I don't know what you are talking about
Brandon: He's my idol.

Morgan: Aww, there's a recall of Peter Pan peanut butter.
Holly: that sounds like it should be awesome peanut butter
Morgan: They found salmonella in some jars.
Holly: ... Okay, that's much less awesome.

Julie: damn you earth! tilt back toward the sun!

Emma-Jane: You do know I have the resistance of a cheap whore, don't you

Nicole: I'm so happy. My managers wife is a BSG fan so when everyone went to the bathroom we sat in our booth and discussed who could be a cylon
Morgan: You mean who at work or who on the show?
Nicole: show
Nicole: damn cylons at work piss me off
Morgan: They sabotage the popcorn machine.
Nicole: the projectors evolved.
Nicole: they rebeled
Nicole: they nuked theatre 5
Morgan: They look and feel human.
Bonster: and they have a plan

Meaghan: how tall are you?
Holly: 5'&
Holly: &
Holly: 7

Bonster: hey Coolie!
Julie: Hell!

Brandon: I remember going into the comic book store and then the guy said they were out of Lost action figures so I ate him.

Chelsea: I'm rubbing to Wentworth pics

Brandon: Me and Chelsea are going to be the first ever to create a bread between a cat and a dog.

Morgan: Well, I'm off to put on my black clothes and kill some hookers!

Julie: So when Mo says "Night!" that's when she puts on her all-black outfit and goes out to kill hookers

Julie: Mo is probably one of those people who can get away with anything and no one will know or suspect
Julie: she might kill hookers at night and we'd never know
Bonster: LOLOL
Bonster: yes
Bonster: because she's so clean
Julie: she should keep it a secret, Garby would not react well to the slaughtering of his people
Julie: lol, so that's why she showers so much!
Julie: evidence down the drain, and all

Bonster: wah, this threesome really confuses me.

Bonster: lmao, they may kill a baby in the next ep
Bonster: bwah
Bonster: I mean, how horrible.

Brandon: Hi Cookie!
Brandon: Coolie*

Julie: 1 is the loneliest # that u will ever do
Julie: 2 can be as bad as 1
Julie: it's the loneliest # since the # 1 YEAH
Julie: ~ jazz hands ~

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