Radio Free Crotchgroin

Feeling like your local radio stations aren't grointastic enough? You have come to the right place. Let your ears be filled with the sweet sounds of these glorious radio stations! (And fear not if you have dialup, for the stations do not auto-play.)

Brandon's Top 10 Love-Making Songs
Are you in the mood? Just light the fireplace, sit back with that special someone and enjoy the top 10 love-making songs straight from the crotchgroin.

Chelsea's Movie Tunes
Some of my favorite movie tunes, theme songs or not. (Will be updated frequently)

COTWWSB Official Soundtrack
Listen to our fabulous official soundtrack! Read more about it here.

Julie's Favorites Mix
A selection of some of Julie's favorite songs by some of her favorite artists.

Meaghan's High School Mix Tape
These songs take Meaghan way back to her younger days. All the way back to the 1990s.

Meaghan's Songs of the Moment
16 random songs Meaghan really likes and thinks you should listen to. Might possibly be changed often, if Meaghan remembers.

Nicole's Instrumental Songs
Listen to Nicole's favorite instrumental songs.

Songs By Some of Meaghan's Favourite Artists
Though not necessarily her favourite songs by them.

Summer Nights
The sun is shining, you're wearing sandals, it's stinking hot, and you may be on vacation. Yep, it's summer! Here are some of the most summery tunes from Meaghan's music library to get you in the mood.

The Hunky Chest Workout Club's Rock Your Body Mix
For all your fitness needs, we offer you 20 songs guaranteed to motivate you to shed those extra pounds and get the action hero body you've always wanted. This mix is gonna make you sweat till you bleed. Is that dope enough, indeed?

TV Show Theme Songs
Some of our favorite theme songs from the many shows we love.