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Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four

After a freak radiation accident, four people must unite to save the world.


Action, Sci-fi


This movie is recommended by 6 out of 12 members of COTWWSB!
Bonster, Brandon, Holly, Hoppy, Meaghan, and Morgan all think it roxors.

On average, those of us who recommend Fantastic Four think it is Good.


Brandon says "This movie was great! Lots of fun and very action-packed."

Holly thinks Fantastic Four is grointastic and says "I loooove this film. It's just so much fun!"

Meaghan thinks Fantastic Four is good and says "Not as good as some of the other Marvel movies, but fun."

Morgan thinks Fantastic Four is good and says "Enjoyable summer movie. Not so sure about Jessica Alba, but everyone else was good :)"

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