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This glorious domain was purchased in July 2005 and opened on September 1, 2005. Site design and content (except for things we don't own, like images of our husbands and TV shows 'n' stuff) © COTWWSB. Steal from us and Julie with cut you, Morgan will shank you, and Bonster will say "SHAAAAAAANKS."

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This site is powered by a very complex and totally awesome backend written entirely by Meaghan and Julie (except for the calendar, which is PHPCalendar hacked so much that I'm not sure anything original exists). Sorry, none of the custom scripts that run this site are currently available for download. The world isn't ready for them.

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Our third and current layout was put up on August 15, 2009. It was made by Julie and features over 100 random header images created by everyone! Want to see ALL of the random images? Your wish is granted. (Needless to say, that page is image intensive!)

Crotchgroin.Info Previous Layout Info

Our first layout was made by Julie and existed from the opening of the site on September 1, 2005 to April 5, 2007. Click the thumbnail below if you'd like to view a full-size screenshot.

Version 1

Our second layout was made by Emma-Jane, who ROXORS! It was put up on April 5, 2007. Click the thumbnail below to view it in its full-size glory.

Version 2

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